Small Floral Japanese Matcha Bowl Tea Set


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This set of Matcha Whisk (Chasen), Matcha Scoop (Chashaku), Whisk Stand (Naoshi) and Ceramic Matcha Bowl (Chawan) are essential for making Matcha green tea in the traditional Japanese way.

Choose between the bowl by itself, or a full set, which also includes a whisk, stand and scoop.

This matcha bowl is a fine example of Minoyaki wares from Gifu Prefecture in central Japan. It can be used as a cup for other Japanese teas, or as a small matcha bowl. The bowl is the perfect size for those who like to drink smaller portions of matcha and features a brown base with white top layer and a flower motif – each bowl is hand-made and unique.

This bowl comes with a black coaster and is also available as a five-bowl set.


Genuine handmade item from Japan
Capacity: 260ml when filled to top
Dimensions: Height – 6.2cm Width – 9.6cm
Weight: 211g

As our teaware is handmade, small variations and abnormalities can occur. We recommend all teaware to be washed in hot, soapy water before use.

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Bowl Only, 4pc Set


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