Houhin Tea Set with Yuzamashi (cooling bowl) & 2 Yunomi Cups


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This traditional Japanese tea making set includes a Houhin (Teapot), a Yuzamashi (Cooling bowl) and two tea bowls. The complete set is cleanly finished in a white to cream colour, all of which have been handmade within Japan. The Houhin tea set is essential for brewing Gyokuro green tea in the traditional Japanese way.

Genuine hand made item from Japan

Houhin Teapot: Height-7cm, Width-9.3cm Length-11.7cm, Weight – 184g, Capacity- 150ml

Yuzamashi Cooling Bowl: Height-4.5cm, Width-6.5cm, Length-10cm, Weight – 86g, Capacity-100ml

Cup X2: Height- 4.5cm,  Width – 7.1cm, Weight – 73g each, Capacity – 80ml


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