Glass Tea Infuser with Push-button Strainer | 600ml


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The Samadoyo tea infuser is one of our favourite glass infusers and will allow you to effortlessly make perfect tea every time. It features a removable infusion chamber which is emptied with a small button at the top of the lid, pouring infused tea into the chamber at the bottom ready for pouring. It is perfect for all types of loose leaf tea.


  • Easy to use, quick brewing, control tea strength and avoid bitterness.
  • All-in-one set, used to brew, filter and drink tea.
  • Looks stylish and modern.
  • It will preserve the original aroma of teas and could be used for tea tasting.
  • Tea leaves could be steeped more times than with other pots due to ease of quick infusions.
  • Brew flower tea, green tea, pu-erh tea, coffee or tea bags with this muti-purpose pot.

Enjoy your favourite tea anywhere!

Dimensions: Height – 14.4m Width – 14.6cm
Full Capacity: 600ml
Weight: 308g


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