Emerald Brushed Japanese Yokode Kyusu Side-Handled Teapot


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A beautiful teapot, hand-made in Mie, Japan.

This delightful single-cup teapot was hand made in the Mie region of Japan, famous for this style of teapot, and features a deep green backing and light emerald swash of paint, set in a high-gloss glaze. As a Yokode Kyusu, it features a side handle for ease of pouring, and a fine mesh strainer built in to filter the tea leaves from the infusion. The fine mesh strainer is perfect for any type of loose leaf tea.

– Genuine handmade item from Japan
– Dimensions: Height – 8cm Width to handle – 16.4cm Length to spout – 14cm
– Capacity: 350ml
– Makes roughly: 280ml of tea
– Weight: 280g
– Features an integrated metal tea strainer


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