Bai Mudan (White Peony)


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This set includes Matcha Whisk (Chasen), Matcha Scoop (Chashaku), Whisk Stand and Ceramic Matcha Bowl(Chawan) plus metal sifter storage tin. This is the complete set for preparing perfect Matcha green tea in the traditional Japanese way. Both the whisk and scoop are crafted from natural white bamboo and feature a similar light brown shade. The ceramic green Whisk stand provides the perfect place to store your 100 prong whisk as well as allowing it to keep a good shape. The Metal sifter can be used to sieve tea, as well as doubling up as a storage tin. The tin is available in dark red or orange. The Matcha bowl is a fine example of Minoyaki wares from the Gifu Prefecture in central Japan with this exact bowl featuring an ash glaze effect. Both the Matcha Bowl, Sifter Storage Tin and and Whisk stand are made within Japan, while the scoop and whisk have been crafted in China

Whisk Dimensions: Aprox Height – 10.5cm, Aprox Width – 6cm

Scoop Dimensions: Aprox Length – 18cm

Whisk Stand Dimensions: Aprox Height- 7cm Aprox Width – 5cm

Bowl Dimensions: Aprox Height- 7.5cm,Aprox Width – 12.5cm Capacity – 550ml

Sifter Storage Tin Dimensions: Aprox Height- 10cm, Aprox Width – 8.1cm


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