3pc Japanese Matcha Tea Set For Tea Ceremony


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This set of Matcha Whisk (Chasen), Matcha Scoop (Chashaku) and Whisk Stand are essential for making Matcha green tea in the traditional Japanese way. Both the whisk and scoop are crafted from natural white bamboo and feature a similar light brown shade. The ceramic white Whisk Stand provides the perfect place to store your 100 prong whisk as well as allowing it to keep a good shape.

If you would like to include a genuine handmade Japanese Matcha bowl (chawan), please browse our range, where you can purchase a bowl separately or as part of a set.

Included Items and Sizes Below:
Whisk Dimensions: Approx Height – 10.5cm, Approx Width – 6cm
Scoop Dimensions: Approx Length – 18cm
Whisk Stand Dimensions: Approx Height- 7cm, Approx Width – 5cm


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