Sourcing the finest handmade Japanese and Chinese teawares

Since 2012 our aim has been to find the very best in handmade teaware from Japan and China. We are tea enthusiasts, just like you; two friends who understand that your tea set demands only the highest quality wares which will impress your guests and compliment the experience of tasting true, delicious, loose leaf tea.

The widest selection of fine, handmade, Japanese teawares in the UK

Our journey has taken us across Japan, to many of the country's finest craftsmen. Many of our teawares are hand-crafted by skilled, artisan potters in the Tokoname and Mino regions, famous for their superior local clay and excellent pottery techniques.

Share a cup with us

We strive to connect with our customers wherever we can and love to hear your tea stories and see photos of your experiences with tea. It is our wish to make the joy of real tea much more available and affordable, and this is our first step - James and Jon, Chanoyu