Earl Grey

Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey


A classic malty Earl Grey tea with a touch of pure Bergamot oil. This flavoured tea is made with a recipe dating back to the early 1800’s and offers a complex flavour profile that touches on notes of woods, nuts and caramel or toffee.


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Earl Grey
Chinese Black Tea

A large-leaf Chinese black tea infused with the oils of Bergamot orange. This fragrant classic tea is smooth and malty with a hint of bitter citrus, offering notes of wood, nuts and toffee for a complex layered flavour profile - a perfect tea with or without milk. 

Origins and Legends

One legend poses that Charles Grey (once known as The Earl Grey) once received a diplomatic gift of bergamot flavoured tea which was so well received, he popularised its production in the United Kingdom. Earl Grey tea has been enjoyed in the UK since the 1820's, with its first major production in the 1830's by Jacksons of Piccadilly.

Preparing Earl Grey

​This malty tea is best infused with 3g of leaf at 95 degrees for about three minutes. 

3 g Measure tea
95 °C Infuse at
3 min Infuse for

Gold Star Tea Quality

Our Earl Grey is one of our Gold Star teas and comes with a quality guarantee.

This is one of our favourite teas and we are confident you will adore it's sweet and floral essence.

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